LiberTerre Turkey
Samantha, Mississauga ON
Q: Your Turkeys are “Free-Range.” What does that mean exactly?

A: “Free-Range” refers to a method of farming husbandry where animals are raised in open barns with access to the outdoors. Compared to indoor housing systems where animals are confined indoors at all times, free range systems offer animals the opportunity to roam free outdoors if they please.

For example, our LiberTerre Turkeys are considered “Free-Range” as they are able to move around freely both inside and outside the barn (when weather permits!). That way they are able to enjoy plenty of exercise and fresh air.

You can be assured that our Turkeys are in good hands. They are raised close to home on a local farm in South-Western Ontario. On their 1000 acre farm, Buck Ross and his family have been farming for four generations and have been raising turkeys for over 20 years!

The LiberTerre Team


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