Air Chilled Chicken
Dylan, Toronto ON
Q: What’s the difference between “wet chilled” and “air chilled” chicken?

A: During the processing process, all chicken must be cooled to a certain temperature before packaging to ensure food safety. This can be done in one of two ways: by wet chilling (also known as water chilling) or by air-chilling. Unless otherwise marked, most chicken available for purchase is wet chilled. This refers to the process in which the chickens are fully immersed into an ice water bath along with many other birds. During this process, the chickens absorb a great deal of water which impacts both the weight of the bird and the taste of the meat.

On the other hand, air chilled chickens are individually chilled in temperature-controlled chambers. This chilling method offers a number of advantages. For instance, it ensures that no excess water is absorbed. That way you are not paying extra for the water weight absorbed during the wet chilling process. This water-free method also helps to keep the meat tender and juicy when cooked, preserving the natural flavor of the meat.

If this is important to you, read labels carefully to ensure your chicken products say “air chilled.” You can be assured that our LiberTerre Chicken is always air-chilled. Pick one up today and taste the difference for yourself!

The LiberTerre Team

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