Our Pork

At LiberTerre, we believe everyone should know where their food comes from. That’s why we are involved in a vertically integrated system that tracks our Pork from farm to store so we can ensure complete traceability. This integrated production model allows us to provide a consistent, high-quality product every time. We are proud to exclusively offer Verified Canadian Pork™ that is both traditionally raised and minimally processed.

From the beginning, our hogs are bred to provide excellent quality. These animals are raised in adherence to the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) and have met the requirements for the Animal Care Assessment (ACA). They are fed a complete vegetarian diet free from animal by-products, which includes a number of locally grown grains such as, barley, wheat, corn, rye and canola. Our hogs are also raised without the use of antibiotics and are free from added hormones. This commitment to quality results in a generously marbled product that always offers a superior eating experience.

LiberTerre Pork adheres to Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA), which is an on-farm quality and safety assurance program. As a result, we have adopted the best raising, processing and transporting practices to ensure both animal care and food safety. Additionally, all of our Pork products are processed at federally registered facilities that are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

✓ Raised without the use of antibiotics
✓ No added hormones (including ractopamine)
✓ Verified Canada Pork (VCP)
✓ Generous marbling
✓ Grain fed
✓ No animal by-products

LiberTerre – Taste You Can Trust™

Canadian Pork