Our Chicken

Our LiberTerre Chickens are raised by Canadian farmers on family farms in Ontario and Quebec. They are fed a complete vegetarian diet free from animal by-products and have constant access to fresh water. Our chickens are additionally raised without the use of antibiotics and are free from added hormones.

Our Chicken is processed using a sophisticated air-chilling system that maintains natural meat juices by ensuring valuable protein and enzymes are preserved. Air chilling (as opposed to “wet chilling”) is just one of the ways we maintain the natural flavour of our LiberTerre Chicken as it helps to keep the meat tender and juicy when cooked.

✓ Raised without the use of antibiotics
✓ No added hormones
✓ Raised by a Canadian farmer
✓ Air chilled
✓ Grain fed
✓ No animal by-products

LiberTerre – Taste You Can Trust™

Canadian Chicken Farmers