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John Ferraro

John Ferraro can't remember a time that he wasn't in the meat business. Even his earliest memories involve tending to the family cattle farm just outside of Guelph, Ontario. From an early age, John's parents, Dee and Mary, taught him the value of hard work and just how much of that is required to yield a quality product. When John wasn't at school he was working alongside his dad, educated "by doing", learning the hands-on approach to raising cattle the right way - and the business that goes with it.

When it came time for John to choose his career path, there was really only one option. With Retail Ready Foods, John created a company that delivers high-quality meat at the pace and price that our Canadian market demands. He's long recognized the ways in which others cut corners but it's never been John's dream to be the biggest in the meat industry. Just the best.

John is a big believer in the pursuit of doing things the right way and in the meat business that starts with knowing the source, "Demonstrate integrity and stay on the path of what you believe in." From farm to fork, John believes the meat business starts with trust, and that gratification in what you do is more important than how much money you make.

  • In 2009, John was invited to become a member of the Beef Value Chain Roundtable. The BVCRT was launched by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada to foster collaborative industry-government action to secure an enduring competitive advantage for Canada in international markets.
  • John is a Charter member of TiE Toronto (the Indus Entrepreneurs). The TiE Institute is committed to developing more holistic, value-centered business leaders through concrete and interactive education.
  • John is a regular at key industry events such as the CattleFax Outlook & Strategies Forum, Canfax Cattle Market Forum, Informa Economics Outlook conferences and the Certified Angus Beef Conference.

Luis Londono

Luis Londono's life has been anything but typical. Luis's life started out in Colombia on a farm outside Cartagena. As pioneers in the development of zebu cattle breeds, the Londono family has a deep-rooted connection to the cattlemen in this South American country.

In 2000, the Londono family decided to relocate to Canada. They made Guelph, Ontario their new home. Luis' father faced challenges similar to other new Canadians and was unable to find a job in his field of expertise – agribusiness. This led him to take a job as a part-time butcher in a local grocery store.

It didn't take long for Luis to become enamored with the quality of meat his father was bringing home. He soon began working alongside his father, learning the trade. This marked the beginning of a passionate quest to combine this new skill and knowledge as a butcher with his Colombian roots to create different cuts that led to innovative ways to prepare and cook meat.

Seeing an opportunity to take his passion for bringing innovation to the meat business, Luis joined Retail Ready Foods in 2008. Luis spearheaded the creation of LiberTerre® to satisfy a need for meat that offered premium quality and traceability to farms that take extra care in raising their animals.

"Our goal is to make safe, high quality meat available to everyone. We want people everywhere to enjoy the superior taste of meat that's been traditionally raised, fed a healthy diet and treated well all along the way. Welcome to LiberTerre®."