Q: What is LiberTerre®?

LiberTerre® is a brand of premium protein products. Our extensive product line includes pork, chicken, turkey and lamb. Our Meat Experts choose only the finest meat and poultry to carry within the LiberTerre® brand.

Q: What are the differences between LiberTerre® meat products and other brands?

Each of our products has a unique set of attributes to differentiate them from the competition. What they all share in common are:

  1. Quality You Can Trust: Exceptional taste is a result of knowing how to nurture the animals from the very start. All animals under the LiberTerre® brand are raised under strict protocols to ensure they meet our approved specifications. Taste is enhanced by the breed of the animal, the feed the animal is provided as well as the animal care they receive.  Our specifications ensure our meat and poultry is fresh, tender and safe.
  2. Traceability: The ability to ensure that you know where your LiberTerre meat comes from is important to us. Every step of the way, we consider how we can improve upon LiberTerre® and make it better, not only for each of our customers, but for our partners involved in bringing LiberTerre® to you.  Incorporating strict guidelines and close relationships with our partners, we guarantee our meat is traceable from the farm to store.

Q: Is LiberTerre® organic? How is it different from organic?

LiberTerre® is not organic. We have our own quality specifications that we believe provide an exceptional eating experience to our consumers. Every step of the way we consider how we can improve upon LiberTerre® and make it better. This begins from the feed and healthy raising practices of the animals with our ‘on-farm’ protocols that our farmers oversee as well as what specifications we require to ensure our meat and poultry is fresh, tender and safe.

For information regarding organic, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

Q: How do you manage food safety?

Our food safety program begins from the farms that raise the animals and continues through to the retailer where you buy our products.

Q: What are your on-farm protocols for food safety?

We ensure that each participating livestock producer implements and operates strict production protocols that control and ensure compliance to food safety requirements and other specific production practices such as raising animals without the use of antibiotics and segregation from non-program animals. The practices are further validated by our processing partners who ensure live animal requirements are met at receiving and through obtaining CFIA labeling approvals pertaining to the applicable animal raising practices.

Q: What food safety programs are in the processing facilities you use?

A: All of our animals are processed into LiberTerre® meats at federally registered processing facilities that are regulated by either Canadian Food Inspection Association (CFIA) or United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This ensures our standards of food safety and a system called HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is used. HACCP is a systematic, preventive approach to identify potential food safety hazards and is required at the federal level. Control, segregation and proper labelling of LiberTerre® products are ensured by our supplier processing facilities.

Q: How does your distribution (warehousing & transport) centre operate?

Prior to delivery to our retailers, LiberTerre® meats may be stored at CFIA (federally) registered cold storage facilities. These facilities also are required to use HACCP systems to guide operation and maintenance to identify potential food safety hazards. We only use refrigerated transportation vehicles to deliver LiberTerre® meats and our cold storage facility partner ensures that upon delivery to them and upon loading for shipment to the retailer, that all food safety requirements pertaining to the transport vehicles themselves (e.g. proper temperature, clean trailer, no incompatible items in trailer, etc.) are met.

Q: How do you verify the claims you make for your animal grow programs?

In order to make the claims that we do regarding specific LiberTerre® proteins, such as “antibiotic-free”, there are specifications in place for the animals that the farmers are required to verify. This includes aspects such as their feed description, breeding records for the animals, weight, along with managed records to ensure that the raising of the animals comply with our standards.

Q: How do you maintain the quality of the proteins?

Each line of LiberTerre® protein has its own product specifications which details the quality (i.e. grade as applicable), how each product is cut, and other aspects including trimming of fat.

Q: Is LiberTerre® good for your health?

Meat and poultry in general are considered an important part of a balanced diet. They have a high content of protein as well as essential minerals and vitamins. Portion control and cooking methods play a vital role on the effectiveness of any diet and how they relate to a healthy lifestyle.

Q: Is the cooking method for LiberTerre® products different from other brands?

No. LiberTerre’s exceptional taste can be enjoyed using traditional cooking methods for protein.

Q: Since LiberTerre® pork and chicken are raised without antibiotics; does it mean other brands of pork and chicken are raised with antibiotics?

Not necessarily. There are other chicken and pork brands that offer products that are raised without antibiotics and they generally advertise it on their materials. It is important to read the manufacturer’s specifications and nutritional labels to make sure their products and protocols fit with your needs.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has a set of guidelines for claims on the use of antibiotics in animals that the industry has to comply with it to ensure their food labels are accurate, truthful and not misleading. At LiberTerre®, we ensure that we comply with CFIA regulations.


Q: What is used in the vegetarian diet that you feed your chickens with?

Our chicken’s diet consists of a combination of corn and other wholesome natural grains and is free of animal by-products, animal fats, antibiotics and growth hormones.