Jerk Chicken
By: Amanda Li, Registered Dietician

This March, Dietitians of Canada is encouraging Canadians to “Take A 100 Meal Journey: Make Small Changes, One Meal at a Time.” The goal of this year’s nutrition month campaign is to provide credible expert advice and guidance to make it a little easier for Canadians to improve diet quality.


March Nutrition Month


In one month we each typically eat around a hundred meals, and more if you prefer “grazing” over “3-square meals a day.” If you focus on making small, lasting changes to your eating habits, taking it one meal at a time, these steady improvements can culminate into extraordinary lifestyle outcomes, including the prevention or management of chronic diseases, including diabetes.

Take a moment and think about your eating patterns, or quickly jot down what you ate for the past 3 days. You may find it a little surprising that you eat very similar day-to-day. This is because we tend to be creatures of habit. Habits are powerful things because they allow us to do tasks easier and faster, because our brain doesn’t have to work as hard. For this reason if we can get in the habit of making just one positive change or food swap this month, it could become second nature and almost effortless. Here are examples of a few small dietary changes that you could make:


Jerk Chicken

The Perfect Balance of Veg, Protien and Carbs – Jerk Chicken Bowl


Let’s work together this month and start with one nourishing change, stick with it, one meal at a time and form it into positive habit for a lifetime!

Until next time, relish every bite.

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